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Style is all about knowing what looks good on each person individually.  What looks good on you may not look good on someone else and Eva Mendes in fact knows what looks good on her.  She is not afraid to flaunt her assets in any way and with her seductive, but shic style she has made Americans want to dress just like her.  Clothes and accessories are important to a girl and very important to Eva.  She is crazy for pencil skirts worn with tight, 50’s-style sweaters because they create such a classically feminine silhouette look for herself.  Eva loves dresses and has become obsessed with Diane von Furstenburg’s wrap dresses, which fit her body well and make her feel sexy and comfortable.  Feeling sexy and comfortable is two very important things that every girl wants to feel on a daily basis.  Miss Davenporte’s spring collections of dresses are a must also for Mendes and of course she has tons of them.  Mendes loves Victoria Secret’s panty and bra sets.  She believes having a sexy push-up bra and a pair of lacy panties are something every woman should own.


Mendes loves Prada.  Especially, Prada purses.  Prada purses are ridiculously gorgeous and Eva adores their buckles and rich, soft leather.  In addition to purses, makeup secrets come with the package of being a model and actress too.  Mendes has learned what works for her, when it comes to makeup also.  She wears foundation with a mix of moisturizer to give her skin a glow.  Eva loves to play up her eyes by wearing smoky eye-shadow.  Since she is a model for Revlon, she wears all their makeup and one of her favorite things in their line is Revlon Skinlights, Instant Skin Brightner in Golden Light.  One of her favorite stores to shop is Polkadots & Moonbeams, a little West Hollywood boutique that has unique clothes and accessories.  With Eva Mendes sense of style she can make herself look sexy in a unique way.  






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