A Much Needed Cocktail for Eva


Eva Sex Scene 

We all know or I’m sure heard about Eva Mendes’s new sex scene with costar Joaquin Phoenix in We Own the Night, but what may have not known is that Eva needed a cocktail for this one.  Her cocktail of choice was vodka and orange juice.  I bet there was a lot of vodka!  She may seem confident on the outside, but actually she is very insecure with her body.  If I were her I definitely would not be insecure with that body, she has perfect curves.  However, she did mention at the Canes Film Festival that she wasn’t comfortable at all.  I personally can’t wait until the film comes out, so I can see the steamy sex scene.  This would be Eva’s first ever sex scene. 

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  1. Carlos Cortes Says:


    I write this as a friend and say that I do not desire to see this published.
    NOTHING can ever take away your dignity if you do not let it.
    So now maybe you know that there are limits to what feels comfortable to you.
    Learn from it, and have fun!


  2. Carlos Cortes Says:

    I have begun writing a shortstory kinda about me called crazyboy.

    I feel angst, bad angst and low self esteem I really feel hurt! and UGLY!! and stupid and ask myself, Am I that repulsive as a person that I usually meet with utter horror and disdain from the opposite sex? Or is it deeper something about me that they see that I do not!
    I am a murederer, no! or rapist, no! or pervert, no! to any of any sort. So what is it?
    Could it be that you Carlos are average male? Yes, Yes I think that sounds right, except doctor u forgot to mention that I bipolar and my mind well it can let me down. I tell it stay and my dog takes it for a walk, I say stop and inside my head my mind yells at me.
    Son could you gather to learn that for almost every child even the so on so called stud is really a vunerable person, who has just learned tricks to aid him in his craft.
    Man no he’s mot a man but he is a aarg…gripefucking stud! Said Carlos.
    Why do you say that Carlos? Because look at him he has everything he wants, women, money, power he’s got it all. It’s true Carlos that the stud has everything he wants but the manner he has accumlalted his wealth with force and inconsideration alienates him from others and his behavior will lead him to no longer recognize himself.

  3. Carlos Cortes Says:

    It needs alot of work. But It will be intresting.

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