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Eva Mendes has always loved fashion and as a spokesperson / model for Calvin Klein, she is not thrilled about the latest banning of a recent commercial that was set to air, which she shot for several weeks ago.  She believes that nudity is an expression of passion, love not necessarily always sex.  Her recent comment “I love my country, but I believe that we are too quick to censor nudity,” explains her true feeling about herself “We seem okay with violence, but nudity we race to criticize and censor. I’m not at all ashamed or frightened about showing my body,” Mendes expresses in the latest November issue of Vogue’s Spanish edition. 

When asked about how she really feels about being considered a sex symbol, she says “I love it, but it’s not important to me to always be thought of as sexy. I like it when it doesn’t limit my career. It’s a part of my life, but on a secondary plane.”  She always tells Vogue her secrets about her image and how she gets her perfect figure.  Mendes is not lazy and just basically watches what she eats and exercises regularly.  “I try not to go crazy, but yes, I pay attention to what I eat,” she says.  “I try to stay away from pasta, bread, cakes, sweets, cookies and ice cream.”  I think I hear that comment from all the stars.   

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6 Responses to “Eva in Vogue”

  1. Carlos Cortes Says:

    Hello Eva,

    I hope u are well. I am a little distraught, though I am handling my stuff alot better, I am stronger. I am distraught because I am not ready for school right now, I do well with the school work, but I have alot of serious social phobias that make school very tough. I go to at least five AA meetings a week and that really helps, I have made some awesome friends in recovery. I am serious with my martial arts and it helps me alot. I really feel like I am growing, I just have a hard time not kicking myslef because I have no career live with my parents and I am going to be thirty the day after Christmas.

    So when u read this or your people read this do you roll your eyes and say what a pyscho loser? I hope not. I really regret that I was never able to meet you, and make your acquaitance as a freind.

    As always take care


  2. Carlos Cortes Says:

    Just wanted to say I decided to stick with school despite my social phobias.
    Feels good to challenge my fears.

  3. Carlos Cortes Says:

    Dear Eva,

    Are you sure u never want to meet me?

    I have grown up quite a bit.

    I pretty much am the same person who has been writing you all this time.

  4. Carlos Cortes Says:

    Dear Eva,

    How are u? I watched that video of the paparrazi on your website and was really disgusted. How do you do it? I probably would have a hard time not getting physical with the paparrazi if they invaded my space like that. I really wish you could let me know if me writing these messages is intrusive to you like that or if you like hearing from like a an old friend. It’s kind of hard for me not to feel crazy writing these messages without any feedback.

    I am going thru a tremendous growth, it’s kind of raw, and I am letting my friends get to know me like maybe I have never before, I feel very transparent. My sponsor tells me the thing I need to work on the most is trusting people. I know that is true. I am confronting my issues head on, and I am not running but sometimes I cannot help but shake. Still I am moving forward. I do have a lot of admiration for you. I really wish you would get involved with even more chartiable works, like the fields of Elysium. Why not try your hands at running a non-profit acting camp for disabled kids? Whatever floats your boat. Maybe you do, do that kind of thing, but I don’t read about that kind of thing on your websites. And don’t worry about growing older and getting plastic surgery, you are still the hottest woman on the planet. Alot of my friends say that too.

  5. Carlos Says:

    Hey Eva,

    Los here. I am doing alot better since last time I wrote on this website. I still have alot of fears, but they are melting, alot of that I credit to the fellowship I have found in AA and therapy. I realize I am really angry about alot of things, but I think I have my reasons. I have decided to move out and try to find an apartment with a friend in Delaware. Once I have a year sobriety I think I am going to go for an LPN liscense, and one day an RN. My dream is to move to Fort Collins Colorado or Los Angeles. There are two wudang kungfu masters in the US one in Colorado one in LA. Don’t really like cities though.

    ps. do u think u could get rid of this website?

  6. Carlos Says:

    Dear Eva,

    I want to be the first to wish you a happy birthday!
    I am happy for you, you have been the best imaginary best friend a guy could have LOL. Think you have patiently listened to me bitch and moan for the past seven years. I want you to know that I am not really that jealous that you have a boyfriend like I used to be crazy, I am glad that you are happy. Really I care about you as much as person could for someone over the internet. I think I might go back to Hawaii, acupunture shcool is my dream! we’ll see I change my mind every two seconds.

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