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Interview with Jane Magazine

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

When it comes to her looks, Eva Mendes is grateful for what she’s got.

In the “naked” August issue of Jane magazine, Eva Mendes lets the world know that she is grateful for what she’s got.  “I’m thankful that I’m healthy and that I have my limbs and a nice physique.” At 33, Eva does have a nice body and is not afraid to show it off, but mentions, “of course, there are things anybody wishes they didn’t have or wishes there were more of, but why even bring that up? I think it comes off as bratty.”  Mendes is not spoiled and works hard for what she has.  Hollywood is a contributing factor to Eva having such a remarkable body.  

“Once you start doing the red carpet thing, you can become very critical of yourself; it’s very easy. I was like, I’m not falling into that. It’s just not healthy.”  Recently, Eva visited a Korean spa and she says, “There were all these beautiful Korean women bathing, being totally comfortable, no matter what type of body they had. I was like, this is what it must have been like back in the Roman-bath days.  And you feel like you’re all in it together, in a weird way.”  She is comfortable with her body and knows how important it is to be comfortable with you.  

Pick up the issue to find more about the Cuban-American actress.


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